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  1. Founded in 1992.

    The Department of Glass Art on the web: FacebookTwitter.

    The Department of Glass Art introduces students to the techniques and compositions of glass art, starting from stained glass up to mosaic and 3D glass objects. The Department provides students with an understanding of materials used in glass art, as well as promotes their creative and research skills.

    Core courses at the Department of Glass Art include:
    1. Studies of techniques and technologies used in glass art, including computer programs - MATRIX CERAMICS, THE GLAZE GAME, 3D STUDIO MAX, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP;
    2. Projects and creation of glass art objects;
    3. Creation of design objects;
    4. Summer studies – participation in symposia, exhibitions, art events.

    According to the study programme, students work in 2D (stained glass panels) and 3D (creation of glass objects). As there are no thematic limits, students can pursue their interests and are encouraged to experiment with materials, techniques and subject matter.